Photographer from Byron Bay, Australia, now residing in Hamburg, Germany.

Fascinated by photography and capturing peculiar moments from a very young age, Simone began documenting her life in Byron Bay - the most easterly point of Australia’s mainland. At the age of 18, she left for Europe where she documented her travels before moving to London in November 2011. Whilst there, she expanded her eye for people and fashion, and spent time capturing the grungy, underground nightlife culture and sidewalks of East and Central London.

From 2012 to 2015, she completed an internship at OTTO Studios in Hamburg, Germany. She is currently based between Hamburg and London and available to take on commisioned work.

For all enquires:
+49 157 839 168 56

Oeverseestr 10


OTTO, ASOS, Hunger Magazine, Migros, Globus, Spell Designs, Mr. Vintage Australia, Bild der Frau, HanseStyle, Kaltblut, Superior Magazine, HUF + more

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